Environmental Policy

As part of CGI’s commitment to sustainability we are very proud to have recently commissioned the first stage of a 1MW roof top solar PV installation.

Updated: 3/2021

This,  when complete will reduce our bought in electricity by over 850,000 kwh and reduce carbon emissions by  almost 500 tonnes per year at our Midleton location.

Between our two sites we use 10,000,000 kwh per year; which in the past when we were purchasing our power from a mix of sources oil, gas, and coal we were producing 3800 tons of carbon per year.

With the first phase of the 1MW solar system in place and the fact that we purchase the remaining of our power needs from wind, we will have reduced our carbon footprint from 3800 tonnes to 1300 tons a reduction of 2500 tonnes!

Through the help of the SEAI EXEED program we in CGI are committed to continue reducing our carbon foot print.

We are very grateful for the financial assistance of the SEAI through the EXEED program which has made this investment possible.

SEAI: Creating a cleaner energy future for Ireland


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CGIL Solar